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A Story of Hope

A testimony of a life that was changed for good.

The Lighthouse Helped Me Get My Life Together!

While living on the streets, Veronica lost all seven of her children to Child and Family Services. She was devastated and felt completely hopeless. Shortly after, she found out she was pregnant again and knew she needed help.Frustrated and sensing her own desperation, Veronica called the Lighthouse looking for an open bed at our program, even though she had already been to the Lighthouse once before. She was so glad to hear we had an open bed for her. She knew that the only way she would make it through life was her faith in God. She packed her bags and came to the Lighthouse, knowing God had a better plan for her life. Veronica was 4 ½ months pregnant when she arrived at the Lighthouse.

She flourished while being here. She was taking classes and volunteering in the kitchen cooking, which was her passion. Time went by and her due date came quickly, and on December 9th she had a healthy baby boy -- Matthew. Instead of taking him home with her, Child and Family Services chose to take Matthew away from her due to her previous child cases. She was devastated again and told she could only have her baby back if she went into a different program. She did not want to leave the Lighthouse. Veronica believed that God was in control and she decided to remain at the Lighthouse. When she came home from the hospital, she spent all morning on the phone, trying to find a way to get Matthew back. Members of the Lighthouse staff were praying for Veronica while she was on the phone. During this time, God answered — Veronica was getting Matthew back! She went on to become Servsafe Certified (a requirement for those working in the culinary field), missing only one question on her test. She earned a Culinary Arts Certification and graduated our program on October 8, 2014. She was accepted into our Transitional Living Program with her son Matthew and is currently working on her next goal, obtaining her high school diploma.