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Donor Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously and are committed
to the highest standards of integrity in all fundraising efforts.

The Ventura County Rescue Mission takes your privacy seriously and is committed to the highest standards of integrity in all fundraising efforts and to the ethical collection, retention, and use of information on our donors. To accomplish this, we commit to the following:

1. We seek and record only the information that is relevant to the programs of the organization.

2. Our donor files will not be exchanged with, given to, sold to, or rented to any other organization.

3. Documents containing information about our donors will be carefully protected by the Ventura County Rescue Mission, and will be irrevocably destroyed when no longer needed.

4. Information on our partners (i.e. our mailing list or donor giving records) is only given to persons who need such information to perform their assigned duties for the Ventura County Rescue Mission. This includes companies who prepare mailings, analyze, and append data, contact donors on our behalf, or other uses related to the fulfillment of the Ventura County Rescue Mission’s purposes.

5. Any outside source receiving the Ventura County Rescue Mission's mailing list must agree to the terms of our data use agreement policy, which states that:

  • The names and addresses contained in the data file will only be used for the specified project;
  • The electronic file will not be forwarded electronically to any other person other than for the purpose of completing the agreed-upon project;
  • No archival paper or electronic copies of the data file will be made before, during or after execution of the project;
  • The file containing the names and addresses will be irrevocably destroyed after 
    completion of the project; and
  • All data or medium (i.e. magnetic tapes) that is not irrevocably destroyed in the course of completing the project will be returned in a timely manner.

The Ventura County Rescue Mission operates under the premise that any donor has the right to review his or her record maintained by our organization.